Saturday was a pretty low key day, and another one not exactly flowing with blogginess, so this will be a short one.

In the morning, I went to the basement to take a run on the treadmill, and this time both kids came down to play. As I noted yesterday, Amelia found a stack of Solo cups and was doing some construction with them, and on Saturday they both got in on the action.

Our kids are very creative in their play and always have been. I still remember a few Christmases ago when Amelia actually stopped in the middle of opening presents to focus on drawing stuff on a box to make it into a car. But I will say this tendency to create fun with mundane objects has probably grown even more through the time of quarantine. We have an entire fleet of cardboard box cars, boats and spaceships now.

Anyway, when I was finished I told the kids it was time to go upstairs because I had to get them ready to take to their grandparents’ house for a visit. Amelia said, exasperated, “But DAD. I’m building the Great Wall of China!”

Indeed she was.

Sure the version in China might be a little bigger and made from sturdier materials, but it’s hard to miss the resemblance. Henry was working on a little fortress, too.

Once I got them to call a pause on construction, I dropped them off with Grandma and Pop Pop, and then basically spent the day doing stuff around the house. Erin was out doing a series of private lessons for her dog training business, and I did some yardwork and took advantage of some quiet time in the house to finally go through and get rid of some of my clothes and assorted bric a brac. I came up with several bags worth, so that’s a good start.

After Erin got home, we grabbed a quick dinner before the kids came home, and then pretty much called it a day. Not super eventful, sure, but I got rid of ripped up jeans, had delicious Mexican food and now have a Great Wall of China in my basement, so I guess that’s pretty good.