It was back to it on Monday for me, Erin and Henry. Amelia, of course, is soaking in the total freedom of being on summer break from school and having nothing formal to do. That said, she does love playing along with Henry and his ABA therapist, and is always really helpful in that whole process.

Erin was working the phones, with lots of meetings getting things moving with her brand new business. I was busy getting things ready for (gulp), my very first work trip since March of last year.

That is strange for a number of reasons. First of, I haven’t been in an airport or on a plane in all that time, so that will be weird. Secondly, I’ll be going to Las Vegas, a place that is now wide open and a sea of people, so that will be very surreal. And third, I’m going to be conducting an actual in person meeting there.

All of these things used to be pretty second nature for me, but it’s amazing how rusty one gets with an entire year away from it. There are tons of little things I keep thinking of along the way and I’m sure I’ll have forgotten a thing or ten when all is said and done.

But, we all did our things and were pretty busy, now with the benefit of some great new signage in the house. Sunday night, the kids’ babysitter was over while Erin and I were out with some friends, and she helped them make these awesome signs for their bedrooms.


Amelia loved this concept and felt like she should make signs for all the rooms in the house. So, for example, we got this one for Erin’s and my room:


This sign for my office, with the handy instruction to “Turn Left.”


And this for the living room, which I’m glad to say is “Cumfy.”

All day, Henry had been asking me if I could play hide and seek with him, and sadly I’d been too busy. But after dinner, we finally found some time to make it work and did a few rounds upstairs in the play room. Henry counted first.


I went next, and the kids had some clever hiding spots as always.


After the kids were in bed, I was back to work getting more things ready for my trip. It is a big week, going back out into the world that way. I’m not entirely sure I’m ready, but as we say in hide and seek, “ready or not, here I come.”