“Jim has been a trusted writer for the publications I’ve managed for more than a decade. He can tackle any topic assigned to him. From research to technical articles, he knows what questions to ask his interviews and then crafts their answers into compelling and thoughtful pieces. As if that isn’t enough to delight any editor, Jim’s articles require few—if any—edits or additions. That’s every editor’s dream!”

—Christina Koch, Editorial Director of Retrofit, and former editor in chief of Eco-Structure, Metalmag and Roofing.


“I have been working with Jim for over 14 years now and he continues to be one of the best writers I know! He can take any subject in construction, sports, history, or any industry and turn it into a flowing masterpiece that is easy and fun to read. I highly recommend Jim if you need an expert in writing either a feature story or a quick synopsis of a certain subject you would like to cover in print or online. Jim is a real pro!”

—John Riester, Founder and Publisher of Retrofit, and Founder of Triangle Sports, Eco-Structure and Metalmag.

About Jim

Jim Schneider is a writer, working professional, blogger, dad and husband living near Denver, Colorado. He has been published in numerous magazines, online publications and websites for over more than two decades. 

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